ESSENTIAL deli is more than just a deli, it is a destination. A destination where you are welcome to peruse the multitude of products at your leisure. ESSENTIAL deli offers you a tantalising array of fresh food that is available prepared, cooked and ready for your convenience to eat in or takeaway; from a quick bite on the run to the sumptuous, nutritious meal that you don't have time to cook when you get home in the evening.


For the novice cook who wants to to add a bit more variety to your home cooked meal, ESSENTIAL deli stocks various products that can enhance your meal by just giving it that extra bit of love. For those more adventurous in the kitchen, we have a range of interesting ingredients that can be made up according to your taste to form your latest culinary masterpiece. 


Beyond this, we also have an exciting array of home wares that will add a bit of colour and quirk to your life, with quality running through each and every product we display. From cookware to gadgets designed to make everyday tasks just that much more enjoyable, ESSENTIAL deli is a perfect place find inspirational gifts for those hard to buy for family and friends or, better yet, just for you!   


We specialize in making exclusive, customized baskets that makes your gift standout from the rest.
























Everyday our chef, Andrew, comes in and creates a plethora of delectable options that make up our fresh food cabinets.


As you walk in the door you are introduced to our deli section which comprises of a variety of patès and dips, fine cheeses and deli meats. Each of the products on display have been developed or brought in according to our stringent rules of taste and quality.


Following this section is our fresh daily cabinet, so named as it features our daily range of favourites, such as hearty sandwiches and gourmet pies as well as something new each day to keep your tastebuds sufficiently tantalised. We also offer a section of take home meals to cover you for the meal you're too busy to cook on any particular day. We offer these as either fresh or frozen, depending on your needs. 


Our frozen section comprises of a variety of individual or family sized take home meals, a beautiful array of soups and family and two-pack pies. We also stock premium New Zealand ice creams.


Lastly, a particular favourite among our regulars, is our fresh salad range. For a full run down of the various salads we do, please see our catering page (please note that we do not do all salads everyday). Should you have a particular favourite that you have a desire for, for a bbq/event, please feel free to contact us and we will make sure that it will be ready, just for you.



We all like things to be a little bit different, interesting, special. Like our food, the products we stock are in a constant state of evolution. We search out products that we want to use and consume from companies that adhere to our own set of ethics regarding the treatment of its employees abroad.


Here is some background information about a select few of the products we carry with pride:

Schoc Chocolates

Steming from creator, Murray Langham's, theraputic past, Schoc combines the joy and health benefits of consuming quality chocolate with a deeper understanding of one’s inner self.


Schoc Chocolates is a unique blend of gourmet chocolate and self-exploration and with sixty flavours in the tablet range alone - there is a chocolate that is perfect for you. The flavourings are organic, where possible, and sourced locally. No extra sugar [apart from caramels] or any preservatives are added and only whole and real flavours used. The base chocolate is hand-crafted using classic techniques.


The chocolate beans are sourced from Tanzania, Java, Papua New Guinea, Cuba, Ecuador, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Trinidad, Madagascar and Sao Thome. Chocolate from these gourmet beans has a minimum amount of sugar added for flavour enhancement. Importantly, all of Schoc's growers are treated fairly and respectfully. They believe in sustainability improving farmer livelihoods and doing business responsibly.

J. Friend & Co.

J. Friend and Co have set out to create honey the way it used to taste. They spend their days seeking out the most flavourful and complex single varietal organic honey from throughout New Zealand. Working with a select group of artisan beekeepers they harvest, bottle and deliver a taste experience like no other!


They pride themselves on a hands on, boutique operation. At the J. Friend and Co “Honery” real people use time honoured traditions to ensure that all the quirks and vicissitudes of climate and vegetation and the miraculous hive mind are expressed in each and every jar of J. Friend and Co honey. 


J. Friend and Co honey truly ‘speaks’ of a particular place and time- the honeys texture, flavour and colour are all influenced by where and when the honey was harvested. Like wine, honey can have good and bad vintages, they hand pick only the best honey from each vintage for their honey fans to enjoy. 


t-sips are 100% Sri Lankan teas of the absolute highest and freshest quality. They hand pick the tea from their own gardens, as well as process and pack the harvest in the t-sips own factory with stringent guidelines for the quality of the tea and the 700+ workers. t-sips tea is picked and can be to your cup in 12 weeks, no other tea in NZ could claim the same freshness and you will notice this with the first taste!


t-sips is an ethically minded company and, as such, all of their employees are supplied with healthcare, housing, education, utilities and, also, breakfast and lunch.